Golden State – Fire State

California wildfires

The Camp fire is by far the worst wildfire in recorded California history. By Thursday evening, the blaze had chewed through 141,000 acres and 11,862 structures, destroying an entire town in hours. Officials said it could take weeks to complete the search for victims. Thousands of survivors are without homes, living in shelters and tent cities. The death toll from the devastating Camp fire rose to



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България в преход

псевдо демокрация

Но само за някои! А тези, които очакваха демокрацията да ги поведе по съзидател път,  се оказаха на път, който доведе страната до мрачната реалност 1 МИЛИОН и 600 хиляди от тях да живеят под жинения минимум и да мислят всеки ден за своето оцеляване...

Anthony Mancinelli – the World’s Oldest Barber

107 Years Old Barber

After more than 90 years in the biz, New York barber Anthony Mancinelli has no intention of retiring anytime soon, which is quite a feat for the world’s oldest hair cutter. At 107, Anthony Mancinelli still works full time and has no intention of slowing down. Mancinelli was named the "World’s Oldest Barber" by Guinness World Records 11 years ago at 96 and continues to break his own

CLAUDIO BAGLIONI -50th anniversary on stage!

Music Claudio 50

CLAUDIO BAGLIONI Снощи имах възможността да гледам по RAI 1 live концерта на Клаудио, посветен на неговата 50-годишна концертна дейност: нота по нота, песен след песен, пред вас все така блести една ИСТИНСКА ЗВЕЗДА! Един грандиозен мултимедиен спектакъл, в който има всичко - преди всичко музика и танц! Подобно изживяване съм имам по време на прощалния концерт на Шер, в който тя заявява: - Който го може - ГО МОЖЕ! Независимо

Steve Jobs Theater 12 September 2018

Apple 12 September 2018

LIVE: Apple Special Event 2018 - iPhone 9, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Plus, iPhone Xs Max Apple's next major iPhone will be unveiled on Wednesday 12 September, starting at 10 am PDT (6pm in the UK). The event will take place at the Steve Jobs Theater at the Apple HQ in Cupertino, California. There are lots of rumours pointing to an iPhone X Plus - to

The attacks on 9/11

Sept 11

Nearly 3,000 people died in the attacks on 9/11, when international terrorism hit home in a way it previously hadn't for many Americans. Sept. 11 still shapes American policy, politics and everyday experiences in places from airports to office buildings, even if it's less of a constant presence in the public consciousness after 17 years. "What I can say today is that I don't live