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Apostolic Journey to Bulgaria

Pope in Bulgaria

Mr President, Mr Prime Minister, Honourable Members of the Diplomatic Corps, Distinguished Authorities, Representatives of the various Religious Confessions, Dear Brothers and Sisters, Christos vozkrese! I am happy to be here in Bulgaria, a place of encounter between many cultures and civilizations, a bridge between Eastern and Southern Europe, an open door to the Near East, and a land of ancient Christian roots that nourish its vocation to foster encounter both in

Imagine No John Lennon

On 8 December 1980, John Lennon was shot five times by 25-year-old Mark David Chapman outside The Dakota, the apartment building in New York City where John and Yoko Ono lived. Chapman had been stalking Lennon for days outside the building and asked for an autograph as Lennon walked through the courtyard. Returning from the Record Plant studios where they had been working, John and Yoko had been dropped

Golden State – Fire State

California wildfires

The Camp fire is by far the worst wildfire in recorded California history. By Thursday evening, the blaze had chewed through 141,000 acres and 11,862 structures, destroying an entire town in hours. Officials said it could take weeks to complete the search for victims. Thousands of survivors are without homes, living in shelters and tent cities. The death toll from the devastating Camp fire rose to

Anthony Mancinelli – the World’s Oldest Barber

107 Years Old Barber

After more than 90 years in the biz, New York barber Anthony Mancinelli has no intention of retiring anytime soon, which is quite a feat for the world’s oldest hair cutter. At 107, Anthony Mancinelli still works full time and has no intention of slowing down. Mancinelli was named the "World’s Oldest Barber" by Guinness World Records 11 years ago at 96 and continues to break his own

The Future of Music

Music and AI

From The Verge... Using AI as a tool to make music or aid musicians has been in practice for quite some time. In the ‘90s, David Bowie helped develop an app called the Verbasizer, which took literary source material and randomly reordered the words to create new combinations that could be used as lyrics. In 2016, researchers at Sony used software called Flow Machines to