The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

Japan Olympic 2020

Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe held a crucial conference call with Olympics chief Thomas Bach on Tuesday to formally decide a plan and they have decided to postpone for 12 months More info at


San Remo 70th

Dal Teatro Ariston di Sanremo, la seconda serata del 70° Festival della Canzone Italiana. In gara, 12 canzoni della sezione Campioni e 4 della sezione Nuove Proposte. On Wednesday night, Sanremo celebrated its 70-year history with a show where all the participants in the Big category performed covers of classic songs from the contest in special versions or duets. The festival's orchestra

Kobe Bryant 1978-2020


Kobe Bryant, one of basketball’s greatest players and most masterful scorers of all time, was among the passengers who died Sunday in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California.  Bryant was 41. “Kobe Bryant was a giant who inspired, amazed, and thrilled people everywhere with his incomparable skill on the court — and awed us with his intellect and humility as a father, husband, creative genius, and ambassador for the game he

RIP – 51 години…

51 години от смътта на дядо ми, човекът, чието име нося и който всеки ден е с мен! Той, заедно със своята съпруга Атина бяха истинските мои родители! Баба ми Атина почина на 15 юли 2001 г. АТИНА И СТЕФАН САПУНДЖИЕВИ... ПОЧИВАЙТЕ В МИР...

30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain

30th Anniversary Berlin Wall Fall

Thirty years ago, the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain fell. This event led to global consequences. November 9th, 1989, marks the end of the cold war and announces an appeasement after several decades of international tensions. At the European level, it is the first step towards the reunification of one of the leading countries of the European Union. On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of this peaceful

150 години БАН

150th Anniversary BAS

"ЗА" или "Против"?! Как ще бъде отбелязана годишнината - вижте във видеото Честванията по повод годишнината започнаха днес с изложба. Тя е посветена на всеки един от институтите на Академията. Изложбата се намира на Моста на влюбените край НДК и ще продължи до 14 октомври.