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F8 Conference 2018


This week, after spending the last two months apologizing for a privacy blunder that left Facebook’s 2.2 billion users, as well as its investors, advertisers and regulators around the world, saying it’s time to rein in one of the most important channels for communications and news in the world, Mark Zuckerberg stood before more than 5,000 developers at the company’s annual F8 conference and preached.

He talked of responsibility and idealism, of innovation without thoughtlessness. Of moving fast, without breaking as many things. He was still the defiant and powerful Silicon Valley wunderkind – but a little less so, too.

„I believe that we need to build technology to help bring people closer together, and I believe that that’s not going to happen on its own,“

Zuck said to a crowd packed into a convention hall in San Jose.

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