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The 20th annual Bay Area Dance Week

Dance Week in SF

The 20th annual Bay Area Dance Week,

a festival of more than 400 events, runs Friday, April 27, through May 6. The multiday celebration honors dance in a diversity of forms, incorporating performances of both one-time numbers and established programs along with classes for all ages and experience levels.

The lineup features a variety of movement styles, from jazz to ballet to hula and Argentine tango. A full itinerary of events and locations is online at

The kickoff event for Bay Area Dance Week will be at San Francisco City Hall at noon Friday, April 27. It’s a participatory affair, including a “silent disco adventure” and a short dance sequence titled “One Dance,” created by the Rhythm & Motion dance workout studio. Online video tutorials as well as in-person rehearsals of “One Dance” are available for those who’d like to master the steps before the big day.

Berkeley Folk Dancers
International Folk Dance Party

Dancing together since 1941

Make your request from our international repertoire of over 200 social dances from Europe, the British Isles, Latin America, the Middle East, Asia, USA, and others. Dances are at all skill levels, many suitable for beginners (we’ll show you how!). Our repertoire includes couple, line, circle, and set dances.

Berkeley Folk Dancers (BFD) has been active in Berkeley for over seventy years! It is a group of nearly 200 people of all ages and kinds, from teenagers (and younger!) to retired people. Lessons on four levels are held weekly; parties and special events are scheduled throughout the year.

Special Instructions for Participants:
Located at Shattuck Ave. & Berryman St.


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