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Rockets blast Warriors in Game 2 – Today in bULTIMA
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Rockets blast Warriors in Game 2

NBA Warr Rockets Game2

The Rockets came out for Game 2 knowing that they needed a win to tie the series back up before heading to Oakland. That’s exactly what they did. Despite James Harden needing 24 shots to reach 27 points, and Chris Paul needing 14 to reach 16, Houston ended up with a dominant 127-105 victory on Wednesday night.

The Warriors struggled to shoot well early on and the Rockets took advantage of that. As Stephen Curry struggled, the Rockets just piled on the points and before anybody knew it they were leading by double digits. The Warriors made efforts to close the gap, but Houston responded at every turn and got a huge victory. The two teams now head to California for Game 3.

In the NBA only 24 of the past 100 conference finals since 1968 have gone to Game 7s, including only three of the past 24 since 2006.

The real anomaly, the freak of mathematical chance, is that the NBA hasn’t rolled double 7s in the conference finals in just under 40 years. Rick Barry was still playing. Jimmy Johnson was president. I, now a new grandfather, was still in college.

But there are four reasons it has a big chance to happen again now.

Because Golden State is so good that the two-time league MVP Curry isn’t even the best player on his team.

Because Harden-led Houston might be even better.

Because Boston has reminded us why it earned and deserves home-court advantage.

Because LeBron.

So, a small request, please: Two Game 7s. And make them worth the wait.

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