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IBM’ Think Conference – Today in bULTIMA
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IBM’ Think Conference


IBM’s Watson-based voice assistant is coming to cars and smart homes

IBM has officially launched the Watson Assistant at its annual Think conference, and you might encounter it in various locations in the future. It’s not tied to a single or even just a few products, you see – unlike Siri that’s tied to Apple’s products, IBM’s partners can load it onto their cars, smart home devices, office gadgets, so on and so forth. It could be infused into hospitality applications, say to serve as a smart assistant for hotels. It could have a future in retail, banking, and just about any industry, since the tech titan’s partners can teach it a specific industry’s lingo. More… IBM Site… Live Blog…

IBM Think Anima

Chameleon to present at IBM Think! in Las Vegas.

On 22nd of March, Ross Haffenden, IoT Strategy Director, will be presenting at the IBM Think conference and event in Las Vegas, USA Chameleon.

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