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FIFA World Cup Russia Referrers


FIFA and Referrers

The referee communication system

consists of three core components: the units used by the referees on the pitch, the headsets used by the referees and the system used by VARs. For the 2018 FIFA World Cup™, the VARs will be located in a centralised video operations room in Moscow connected via fibre network (provided by FIFA) for all 64 matches. The selected provider is expected to provide all components of the system. For clarification, three (3) main officials require open-mic on-field communication devices; the fourth official (1) standing in the technical area in the stadium should have push-to-talk options and a minimum of seven (7) headsets for VARs and VAR operators in a remote location, of which two (2) need push-to-talk capability – all communicating on the same channel.

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