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The Aramco


The Aramco accounts: inside world's most profitable company It's a cornerstone of the global economy, producing and selling 10 million barrels of oil every day. Yet for four decades the financial performance of Saudi Aramco has been one of the biggest secrets in global business, limited to a tiny circle of executives, government officials and princes. Now, a first glimpse of the state oil giant's finances


SF Money

It's no surprise which metro areas topped their list of the highest salaries required. The San Francisco/Oakland region landed the No. 2 spot, only to be outdone by another spot in the Bay Area. San Jose and Silicon Valley earned top honors, where only households taking home $220,080 a year are considered rich relative to their neighbors. MORE...


A good way to gauge whether you can live a comfortable financial life is to apply the 50-30-20 budgeting rule, in which 50 percent of income covers necessities, 30 percent covers discretionary items and 20 percent is for savings. From here, you can figure out whether your income is sufficient to cover cost-of-living expenses in your city. Anaheim, Calif.: $69,243 50 percent for necessities: $34,621

…three-day points losses above 2,000 points!


The Dow Jones industrial average fell 250 points, pushing its three-day points losses above 2,000 points. The 30-stock index also traded about 10 percent below a record high set last month. The S&P 500 pulled back 0.9 percent, with utilities as the worst-performing sector. The Nasdaq composite pulled back 0.7 percent after dropping more than 1 percent. Global markets also fell sharply. The German Dax dropped 2.4