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Атанас Голомеев – в Алеята на Славата – Today in bULTIMA
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Атанас Голомеев – в Алеята на Славата


Чествайки 100 години балкетбол в България!

One of the most influential players in Bulgarian, European, Canadian collegiate and international basketball, Atanas Golomeev is being inducted into the 2019 class of the FIBA Hall of Fame

Golomeev is among eight former players being enshrined into the Hall of Fame alongside Janeth Arcain (Brazil), Margo Dydek (Poland – posthumously), Alonzo Mourning (United States), Fabricio Oberto (Argentina), Jose „Piculin“ Ortiz (Puerto Rico), Mohsen Medhat Warda (Egypty) and Jiri Zidek (Czech Republic). Joining them are coaches Natalia Hejkova (Slovak Republic), Bogdan Tanjevic (Montenegro) and Mou Zuoyun (China – posthumously). They were selected from a list of more than 150 candidates. 

Golomeev was a 6ft 10in (2.08m) low post scoring machine, who dismantled defenses across Bulgaria, Canada, Europe and the world for nearly two decades. 

Golomeev, known as Nasko by his friends, discovered basketball in 1961 with the Universiade, which was being played in his home city of Sofia. After receiving free tickets to watch the basketball competition, Golomeev was drawn to the play of the Brazilian players and some of the better Bulgarians, such as Ljubomir Panov and Victor Radev. Golomeev had been a football goalkeeper in school, participated in the high jump and discuss throw and was also considered a good swimmer. He would eventually hit the hardwood for good and joined CSKA Sofia at 18 years old.


PS Като си спомня, че съм играл срещу Голомеев през 1965 година, стигайки до гърдите му… Той се отличаваше още в младежкия отбор!


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